11 September 2011


You might have heard this one before.  But it seemed apropos to this blog, so I am reposting.

My child wears black and denim
   or pink and neon green
She likes Mythbusters reruns
   and her tiny iPod screen
She cheats at Chutes and Ladders
   and makes up words to songs
She knows to hide from Daleks
   and fight zombies on the lawn

We bargain over Xbox
   and Clone Wars DVDs
And sing They Might be Giants
   when we practice A-B-C's
She likes to search the backyard
   for flowers, twigs, and rocks
And in her dresser drawer
   are never matching socks

My child wears purple rain boots
   and flowers in her hair
She reads books after lights-out
   and plays with teddy bears
She knows about the Wardrobe  
   and the wicked witch in white
And we sing Twinkle Twinkle
   when she lays down at night,

- nsb.

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